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An underground experimental musician. Heavily influenced by music at a young age, started out playing guitar, keyboard and traveling through death metal bands. Drifting from the metal scene to the Hip-Hop Underground, Fat Daddy J was formed in 2013. He started recording first projects from an iPhone in GarageBand to an old iMac, now recording in a professional studio setup. Bringing you dark, grungy vibes with a slight twist of satanic and all the way back down to a mellow mood. One artist,100 vibes no less. Follow Fat Daddy J on all platforms and social media!

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Fat Daddy J is an unsigned Hip Hop Experimental Artist based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He embarked on his musical voyage of artistic discovery as a youngster, growing up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping his signature sound. Including but not limited to playing in bands, live shows, but mostly his younger brother Dylan James, also a Hip-Hop artist who heavily influenced Fat Daddy J to get on the mic and press record.  After 5 years of non stop creating and recording he found placement in an underground collective, Creatives Only In 2018. The following year, 2019 he found Placement with Support Art, a small label on the rise. Fat Daddy J seeks to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and recording original music with a hint of everything in one giving you,100 vibes. “Music is limitless and so are we.” - Fat Daddy J.


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